"Speсfundamentstroy” Limited Liability Partnership was founded in February 2006.

The main directions of company’s activities are highway stream crossing construction, bored piles, curtain grouting (slurry wall), sheet pile enclosure, root anchor.

Due to new technology (Casagrande, Sennebogen, ABI, Hutte) and skilled staff, LLP "Specfundamentstroy" is capable to solve the most difficult questions in the field of foundation.

Since the establishment LLP "Specfundamentstroy" has been taken participant in the construction of many objects on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The company has a high mobility in the production of works, guarantees high quality and compliance with contractual terms.

One of the directions of the "Speсfundamentstroy" LLP is a pile foundations including bored piles. The piles are intended to transfer loads from the building or structure at the ground base More often piles are used when the top layers of soil at their loading are strongly compressed and without slotting it’s not possible to provide the stability of structure. The pile, made by drilling-out and removal of soil cuttings with further putting the cuttings into the well of concrete mix, is called bored.

The advantages of the foundations of bored piles, which reduce overall construction time, raise its quality, should be noted:

  • The advantages of the foundations of bored piles, which reduce overall construction time, raise its quality, should be noted:
  • Reduction in requirement of machinery and transport;
  • Increase the reliability of structures by reducing the general and relative settlement;
  • Reduce the influence of the winter period on the pace and quality of works;
  • Availability to use as a merit of basic strong soil, lying at the large depth;
  • Possibility to making piles of different length, leaning on required mark at sharply crossed roof’s relief of strong soil, which is taken for a basic of piles.;
  • Ability to transfer more load range to the one pile (from 1000 to 10000 kN and more);
  • Possibility to making piles of larger diameters (in comparison to driven pile), which is significantly improves the work of piles on horizontal load;
  • Ability of making piles without reinforcement, in the absence of transmission of torque and horizontal forces;
  • Absence of vibrations and concussions during the production process of works;

The scope of using the foundations from the bored piles is wide enough, and covers a bridge building, hydraulic engineering, industrial and civil construction.

The objects executed by our company.

  1. Construction of the ice stadium in Talgar district of Almaty region;
  2. Emerald quarter;
  3. Construction of cement plant in Zaozerny;
  4. International Ski Jump Complex in Almaty;
  5. Fund and Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  6. The bored piles Ø 1420 on the construction of highway Ekaterinburg - Almaty the road interchange
  7. Shopping center "Metro - Shymkent"
  8. Apartment Complex «Sakura Home»

and many other objects.