Root anchors

In last decades the anchoring technology is continually developing.

In this way, anchors produced in nowadays allow a greater load than before.

Modern methods of anchoring are also increase the overall carrying capacity of the wall.

New technical solutions for extreme climatic and ecological zones have brought a significant contribution to the development of anchor bars, to counteract the problem of water pressure on the wall at a high level of groundwater, and also anchor for consolidation of construction pit and waterfront structure for fixing the rock, and also against avalanches and rockfall.

Usage of anchors – is an optimum decision of reliability of construction in any soils, including rocks.

At the building of objects in the RK "Specfundamentstroy" LLP widely applies the anchor for paving and fixing the concrete walls.

The system of jet drilling technology called “mono-jet” has established a reputation in difficult geological conditions.

Anchoring was used for fixing the wall in the ground at the objects: "Emerald quarter," Astana; paving "International Ski Jump Complex in Almaty"